"Brian is a creative director who comes to work every day well prepared and ready to tackle any production problem. He is a skilled, positive person and a great team player. He's someone who takes the work seriously, but never himself."
August 13, 2008
Jeff Zimmer, Writer,Producer
“Together in my capacity to set-up the studio floor, under minimal circumstances, Brian works 'outside the box' allowing all staff inputs to ensure the best production possible."
May 7, 2008
Kevin Whitfield, Studio Technician, CBS Television Distribution
“I've had the pleasure of working with Brian on two different occasions. One was when he was a Director at WTAE-TV and the other time was when he was a Director on The Gayle King Show. I find Brian to be one of the most talented Directors I know. Besides being creative, Brian is easy to work with... which is VERY important. As a Producer... you come up with the idea and then turn it over to your Director to make it come to life. I hope to have the honor of working with Brian again and letting him bring more of my ideas to fruition.”
April 8, 2008
Danielle Ricks, Producer
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